Tree Reports
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Tree Reports

Consultancy Services – Let us help you with the tricky stuff!

TreeCulture provides expert consultancy services to a range of industries. Our extensive experience and knowledge of many of the local councils, help you navigate many of the state regulations and local jurisdictions by-laws. Our knowledge and reports will help you comply with the relevant tree/vegetation protection orders and management guild lines.

If you are wondering how to remove a tree from your backyard, develop adjacent to it and/or build and develop on land with trees, we will ensure you get the simplest and most affordable well informed solution with our AQF level 5 and 8 Arborists.

Tile 1  – Tree Reports and Arboricultural Assessments.

Our main report services include but are not limited to:

Arboricultural Appraisals

Tree Risk and Hazard Assessments

Tree Management Plans

Arboricultural Impact Assessments/reports (Planning report AS 4970-2009)

Tree Protection Management plans/reports (Planning report AS 4970-2009)

Arboricultural Method Statement reports (Planning report AS 4970-2009)

Tree Insurance Reports

Tree Mortgage Reports

Tree and Building Reports (AS 2870-2009)

Tree Nursery Quality Reports AS 2303-2018)

Tree evaluation Reports

Tree Root Mapping Reports

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We aim to deliver holistic solutions that have the long-term health of the tree and surrounding environment in mind.

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A specialist tree care Company providing tree care solutions for your trees, residential, commercial or government. We are passionate about trees and the environment and therefore we always aim to look after as many trees as possible; conscientious tree care with sustainability in mind.

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