TREE SERVICES – Consultancy
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Consultancy Services – Let us help you with the tricky stuff!


Tree Culture provides expert consultancy services to a range of industries. Our extensive experience and knowledge of many of the local councils, help you navigate many of the state regulations and local jurisdictions by-laws. Our knowledge and reports will help you comply with the relevant tree/vegetation protection orders and management guild lines.

If you are wondering how to remove a tree from your backyard, develop adjacent to it and/or build and develop on land with trees, we will ensure you get the simplest and most affordable well informed solution with our AQF level 5 and 8 Arborists.

Tile 1  – Tree Reports and Arboricultural Assessments.

Our main report services include but are not limited to:

Arboricultural Appraisals

Tree Risk and Hazard Assessments

Tree Management Plans

Arboricultural Impact Assessments/reports (Planning report AS 4970-2009)

Tree Protection Management plans/reports (Planning report AS 4970-2009)

Arboricultural Method Statement reports (Planning report AS 4970-2009)

Tree Insurance Reports

Tree Mortgage Reports

Tree and Building Reports (AS 2870-2009)

Tree Nursery Quality Reports AS 2303-2018)

Tree evaluation Reports

Tree Root Mapping Reports