Pest and Disease Management
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Pest and Disease Management

Diagnose Tree Diseases

Does your tree appear to be lacking vigour or showing signs of a pest or disease?

TreeCulture is experienced at correctly diagnosing tree problems from the root up.

This combined with keeping well-informed and ongoing professional development means we will use the appropriate tools and techniques.  For example:

  • Soil test
  • Root and disease mapping
  • Pest and fungal identification
  • Decay tests
  • Advance microscopy techniques

We will offer the best course of action to manage the pest and disease problems and improve your trees health.

TreeCulture are committed and up to date in ways to identify the issue and treating the disease with the least possible harm or intoxication to the environment.

There are so many tree diseases and pests that affect trees and with the right knowledge and experience, many can be treated simply. Contact TreeCulture for professional advice early on about a safe and effective strategy to manage pest or disease problems, and to avoid risking the long-term health of your tree.

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We aim to deliver holistic solutions that have the long-term health of the tree and surrounding environment in mind.

Call us: 0432 955 991

A specialist tree care service providing tree care solutions for your trees. We are passionate about trees and the environment and therefore we always aim to support and retain as many trees as possible; conscientious tree care with sustainability in mind.

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