Remedial Pruning
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Remedial Pruning

Trees are beautiful and complex organisms and there are many reasons to keep a tree, as opposed to removing it.

There are many reasons you may be thinking to prune your tree, for example, for a better view or just aesthetics, for weight reduction, for additional light or for managing hazardous limbs.

TreeCulture aims to care for your trees and improve your tree’s health, appearance and structural integrity. All pruning is carried out according to the Australian Standard (AS4373: 2007 Pruning Amenity Trees) and to ensure your trees are pruned, according to what is best for the species, and therefore given the best chance to grow and mature. We also provide tree maintenance programs  for trees and environments that may need continual care.

Looking at the bigger picture, these reasons include :

  • Producing Oxygen
  • Cleaning the air and soil & acting as carbon sinks.

In relation to your specific environment, reasons can include:

  • Controlling noise pollution
  • Slowing storm water run-off
  • Shading and cooling,
  • Acting as windbreaks,
  • Fighting soil erosion,
  • Adding significant value to your property.

Trees are also vital in creating a visually beautiful space to relax, live and play!

Please Note: Improper pruning can seriously harm your tree, leading to the potential of increased maintenance, and sometimes even death of the tree.

Please Note: Our climbers do not use spikes when pruning trees that are to be retained, so you can be assured our work is of the highest quality and that your tree is well looked after.

Contact TreeCulture  to assist you whether it be to determine a safe and effective strategy for pruning your tree, or to save you the time and trouble, reassuring you that your tree is in our hands.

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We aim to deliver holistic solutions that have the long-term health of the tree and surrounding environment in mind.

Call us: 0432 955 991

A specialist tree care Company providing tree care solutions for your trees, residential, commercial or government. We are passionate about trees and the environment and therefore we always aim to look after as many trees as possible; conscientious tree care with sustainability in mind.

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